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Privacy Policy

At CapstoneWritingServices.net we respect your right to privacy. It is, therefore, our paramount duty to protect your personal data. Going in line with this, we comply with the relevant data protection acts in the countries where we operate. This page is meant to inform you the kind of personal data that we collect, the manner in which we collect it, store, share, and use it. Kindly note that by visiting our website and placing your order at our website you agree to this privacy policy.


By visiting capstonewritingservices.net and/or ordering for our services, you consent that your personal data should be treated as per the provisions of this privacy policy. It is therefore your duty to carefully go through this page which is also a part of our terms of service. If you find this policy to be unacceptable then you have a right to decline providing us with your personal information and not to use our website.

The kind of data that we collect

Contact information- For you to enjoy the various services offered at our website, we will have to collect your contact information. Such details include: your full name, your e-mail address, country of residence, and phone number, among others. This data helps us to verify one’s identity. It also facilitates us in delivering the ordered product to the customer/client.

Payment details– This information helps us to prevent cyber crime by ensuring that clients do not use stolen credit cards to pay for the ordered products at our company. We have an obligation to report any client who tries to do so to the relevant authorities so that legal action can be taken against such a culprit. 

Account details– You might be required to create a user account in order to access some restricted sections of your website. In such a case, we shall collect the details of your account so that we can facilitate its retrieval if you lose your log in credentials. Clients have a right to delete their account at their own discretion. It is however good to note that capstonewritingservices.net or its affiliates cannot be held responsible for the harm or injuries that a client might suffer as a result of deletion of the created user account.

Preferences– We might also collect details of your preferences including the pages frequently visited and kind of services ordered in order to improve our services.

Personal information collected automatically

Once you visit our website, there are some details that we collect automatically with the help of cookies. Such information include: the location from where you are accessing our website from, your IP address, log in time, the computer device used to access our website, the referring website or page and search history, among others. Normally, we depersonalize such information so that it becomes impossible to trace it to a given client. One of the common techniques that we use to do so is to store and analyze it in an aggregated format.

Information on Age

This website does not always collect information about age. By visiting and using our website you agree that you are of legal age and if you are a minor you agree that you have the consent of your parents or legal guardian.

How we use the collected personal data

We are committed to ensuring that the personal data that we collect on our website is not used in any malicious way. Specifically, we use such data in a number of ways that include:

  • Offering the ordered services- The personal data that we collect from our clients enable us to complete their orders and in submitting such orders.
  • Fulfill our legal obligation- Collecting personal data from our clients helps us to comply with the legal provisions that might require us to collect such data.
  • Improvement our services- After analyzing the collected personal data we are able to identify area about provisions of our services that we need to improve.
  • Fraud protection- Personal data enable us to easily detect a client who might want to commit fraud on our website.
  • Marketing- Sometimes we use the collected data to make targeted market campaigns. Such data might help us to know the offers, discounts or new services that might interest you. 

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The manner in which the collected data is stored

We endeavor to keep the collected personal information as secure as possible. To this end, we use encryption technology such as SSL to safeguard this kind of information. We, however, do not guarantee the security of such information during its online transfer. Nonetheless, it is our responsibility to inform you whenever there is a security breach of your data.

To ensure that the stored information does not fall into the wrong hands, we usually keep it under restricted access. We also might store it in an aggregated format so that it becomes hard to trace it back to a specific client.

Duration for storing the collected data

We normally keep the information collected as long as we need it to work on the ordered products. Under no circumstances do we store your personal information any longer than we must. Where there is a legal provision requiring us to store such information for specific time duration we normally adhere to such law.

Rights of Clients

  • As a client, you have a right to know how the collected personal information intends to be used. 
  • You also have a right to be informed when the company has an intention of sharing such personal information with any third party. Such information can only be shared if you approve it. However, this does not apply for data that are shared in an aggregated format.
  • Client also has the right to request discarding of the collected personal data. The company reserves the right to accept or deny such a request.

Amendments to this privacy policy

The company reserves the right to amend this privacy policy whenever deemed necessary without prior notification of the client.