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Terms of Services

Thanks for visiting CapstoneWritingServices.net. We assure you that that we are committed to ensuring that we meet your entire academic writing needs. Our operations are strictly governed by the terms and conditions in this page. You are highly encouraged to go through this page before placing your order. Please note that by visiting and placing your order at this website you agree to adhere to the terms and conditions herein.

Do not place your order at this website if you do not entirely agree with these terms of service. If by any chance you violate all or any of the terms provided on this page then no guarantees are given.

Definition of key vocabulary used in this terms and conditions page

“Website, company, firm, we”- Refers to CapstoneWritingServices.net. This is the legal entity that is mandated to providing writing, editing, and proofreading services to clients after placing an order. The provision of the ordered products is in accordance with the terms on this page.

“Order”- Means a request of any of our products. In order to enjoy our products the client or customer has to pay for them upfront.

“Product”- Any of the services offered at our company. In most cases, the product is in form of a document. It can also be understood as the end result of completing an order.

“Client, customer, you”- Any individual who requests for any of our paid services

“Writer, Editor”- It is an individual who is contracted to work at capstonewritingservices.net helping clients in working on various types of academic documents. Such individuals are hired through a competitive process based on their ability and academic specialization.

“Product Revision”- This term refers to the modification of an order based on the initial client/customer’s order instructions.

Nature of the product offered

The company offers different products based on customer order instructions. Offering of such products is subject to availability of a suitable writer or editor and the necessary resources materials. It is also subject to the clients’ ability to pay. The company reserves the right to deny service to any client.

All products offered by the website are meant for reference purpose only. They are, therefore, not supposed to be handed in for marking as they are. The company cannot be held liable for the injury or harm arising from the use of the products offered. It is the sole responsibility of the client to use the ordered product responsibly.

Order Payment

The client is expected to pay for the ordered product upfront. The company will, therefore, begin the process of working on the placed order only after the amount due for the ordered product has been paid. Once we have received your order instructions we will proceed to assign your order to a suitable writer/editor and we will then send you a notification informing you that the process of working on your order has begun.

In case there is an additional payment that a client has to make for the ordered product, he/she is supposed to do so in a timely manner. The company cannot, therefore, be held responsible for the harm or injury that the client might suffer due to a late order submission caused by delay of the client in paying for additional costs.

Refund Policy

There are a number of key circumstances when a client can request for a refund that include:

  • Payment of a single order more than once- If by mistake you end up paying for a single order for multiple times then you are entitled to a refund of the amount exceeding one that is due for the single order. While calculating the amount to be refunded, transaction costs might be deducted.
  • When a client has placed identical orders but only in need of a single order. When you place identical orders by mistake it is your responsibility to cancel the extra unwanted orders before we can assign them to writers/editors. 
  • Plagiarism- If a client provides sufficient evidence that his/her product has been plagiarized then he/she is entitled to a full refund.
  • Poor quality work- If a client deems the received product to be of substandard quality then he/she is entitled to a partial or full refund. The client must however cite sufficient cases of evidence of poor quality in the submitted paper.

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Revision Policy

At our writing company, our number one priority is to fully satisfy you with our custom writing help. If due to one reason or the other you are unsatisfied with the product offered then you can always request for free revision. There are a number of circumstances when you are entitled to a free revision that includes:

  • When the writer/editor fails to follow the issued order instructions. The burden of proof in this case rests on the shoulders of the client.
  • If the writer/editor did not use a certain resource material. For you to deserve free revision for your paper in this scenario you must have provided the specific material and not just indicated that it needs to be used.
  • Work of unacceptable quality- if you feel that the product delivered is of substandard quality then you can request for a free revision. If you request for a fee revision based on this fact, then you must be sure to cite enough examples in your work that indicate that the writer/editor who worked on it is not competent enough.

Please note that when requesting for free revision, such request must be based on initial order instructions. In case of additional or new instructions you will be required to order for editing services which will attract additional costs.

Order Delivery

The company has an obligation to deliver completed products in a timely manner. The deadlines indicated in order instructions are only estimates. The company reserves the right to revise such dates and communicate the same to client for his/her approval or rejection.

The completed product shall be electronically sent to the address issued when placing an order. The client can also download the product on the user platform on our website. The company cannot be held responsible for the injury or harm caused as a result of failure of the client to download the product or giving a wrong address.

The company reserves the right to revise these terms any time without prior notice to the client.