A Sample of Personal Statement

A personal statement supports a students’ application to study at a given university or college. It presents the students with a chance to articulate why s/he would like to study a certain course and kind of skills and experiences they possess that demonstrated their passion for the chosen field. A well-written personal statement can increase your chances of getting an offer. Your personal statement must demonstrate that you are the right individual for a specific course. Below you will find a sample of personal statement paper that can guide you in working on your original document.

A Sample of Personal Statement

When I was 14, I watched a Hollywood movie starring Jim Carrey, and he became my favorite actor. Since then, I became interested in Hollywood movies and the lifestyles of people in the US. With this motivation, I started to learn English with this dream that one day I would immigrate to the US and pursue my studies in this country, which has numerous opportunities for those who want to be successful in their desired fields. The motivation inclined me to take English studies and Translation as my major at the undergraduate level, and I got my master’s degree in ESL/EFL.

My long time goal to travel into America made me work as an English teacher in different language institutes still when undertaking my undergraduate studies at the Azad University of Iran. I aimed to have an improvement in my English and get a more understanding of American culture and customs. When I started my ESL degree at the Allame Tabatabai University of Iran, I worked as an instructor at some aviation colleges. At the same time, I was a course developer, syllabus designer, and teacher at one of Iran’s private airlines. Working in training departments as well as in the aviation industry taught me the value of laws and regulations. I taught students the national and international aviation rules and procedures of the business because, in the aviation industry, everyone has to obey the rules in order to provide protection and comfort to people.

Finally, in 2016, I was able to immigrate to the US to pursue my dreams, and after I settled, I chose the aviation industry because I wanted to explore the US and visit as many cities and places as possible. This was to become more acquainted with US culture, traditions, and laws. During these three years that I have stayed in the US, I taught as a part-time ESL teacher, and last year I began my job as an immigration consultant at one of the Los Angeles immigration firms. While working at this international office, I dealt with various cases of clients applying for immigrant and non-immigrant visas. Furthermore, I learned the immigration laws, visa issuance, university enrollment agreements, embassy procedures, and travel rules of the State Department. These experiences encouraged me to pursue my law education with the goal of becoming an immigration lawyer. In addition, Dr. Ranjbar, the firm’s director, motivated me to start a JD program at a well-known law school.

Despite the above motivations, long time goals settings, and fulfillment of these goals to stay and work in America, I believe it is essential to pursue a Jurisprudence Doctor program to expand my career horizons and achieve the ultimate goals of practicing law for a long time. I would like to apply for the program at Trinity Law School because of the institution’s high-quality programs. I chose this perfect degree program at Trinity Law School as I believe it is the finest institution to deliver. Besides, the experience and expertise of faculty members and over 40 years of Trinity Law School experience in professional training and accreditation by the California State Bar’s Bar of Examiners Committee, as well as the Higher Learning Board, are other factors that have made me more excited about selecting this school for my further education. Different delivery methods, on-campus, online, and hybrid, make it easier for me to provide the perfect balance for my personal life, job and education and therefore make a degree in law more available to me.

My long-term goals are to combine all my previous work experience and my personal passion for starting my specialization as a lawyer after completing the JD degree and passing the Bar exam. This is because there are many applicants from countries with lower standards of living and education who want to enter the USA. I want to help them by providing the best possible advice and services on their cases when applying for immigrant and non-immigrant visas because I am an immigrant too, and I understand all the obstacles and issues they would encounter when applying. Another area of expertise that I am considering is working as an aviation attorney because I have more than ten years of experience in this field. I can support flight attendants, pilots, passengers, and other staff in this industry. They have aviation cases because I am familiar with the rules and regulations of airlines and the FAA, as well as IATA and ICAO. And since I am always in a state of learning and education is that’s what I enjoy in life, learning every day. In terms of personality, I am a quick learner, eager to study and research, moreover, working in the aviation industry will help to handle the program with diligence, and achieving it will be an accomplishment of what I always desire.

I believe that growing up in a developing country, my passion for law, and my fluency in English and Farsi make me the right candidate for the JD program. Therefore, I look forward to pursuing the program at Trinity Law School, and I hope you will positively consider my application. Thank you.

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