A Sample of Statement of Purpose

A Statement of Purpose (SOP) serves a reflection of personality that a student exhibit in front of the admission committee for securing enrollment in universities/college overseas. SOP offers you a chance to impress the committee by articulating your profile through a short essay that describes your personality traits, which are not included in your academic documents. Below is a sample of a Statement of Purpose paper that you can use as a guide when working on your original document.   


A Sample of Statement of Purpose

We are currently in an era where technology and computing are drastically revolutionizing our everyday lives. It has always been my desire to be part of the influential individuals who can positively impact technological developments that will transform society.  Moreover, I have always believed that education is the most satisfying pursuit, a value instilled by my father from a young age. I have learned to prioritize this value and align it with my increasing experience in both my academic and professional endeavors. Based on the reasons stated, I want to increase my educational horizon by enrolling for an online Master’s program in Information Technology from Virginia Tech.

After a thorough review of various online programs, I settled for Virginia Tech because it has a comprehensive curriculum tailored to meet my educational needs. Mainly, I am attracted to the program’s substantial pedagogical resources. The university has a highly qualified faculty who are chattering in the future of Information Technology, and it would be a privilege to conduct my research under their guidance and supervision. I believe they will bring their academic professions and industrial experience through instruction, which I desire.

I believe that both my academic, professional and technical skills will significantly contribute to my success in the Master’s program. For my undergraduate degree, I pursued a Bachelor’s in Science in Civil Engineering.  I further advanced my studies through a Master’s of Science in Civil Engineering, where I majored in Transportation Engineering.

I have advanced proficiency in various programming languages, including C++, Java, PHP, Qt, Visual BASIC, and VBA. Acquiring these skills not only provided me with a balanced intellectual ground in information technology but also sharpened the critical thinking skills that I believe will be beneficial during my Master’s program.

An experience is an invaluable tool, and I have strived to acquire as much experience as I can in my professional life. I am currently working as a Civil Engineer/Project Manager at Sheldai Associates. I have been able to conduct successful structural design processes through technical guidance, planning, and continuous reviews. I have also worked as a Senior Developer at EnviroInformatics, where I developed codes in C++ using Qt Library, to model Green Infrastructure, water quality, and storm management. I was also responsible for providing quality assurance and reviews for existing and new software products. 

I have substantial leadership experience in IT, and I have undertaken several projects.  The most consequential one was developing a code in AutoCAD VBA that could measure surface areas, the number of linear entities, and prepared an excel sheet for cost estimation.  This was practically used during several construction projects. I developed a graphical interface for a numerical modeling toolkit in calculating water quality using C++ and implementing Qt libraries. This project was part of a contract with the Environmental Protection Agency. I have also designed developed a customized Automatic Vehicle Location with two-way data transmission using consumer GPS receivers.

My short term goal is to excel in the academic field while also establishing secure connections with mentors who will guide me as I conduct my research. The Master’s program will help me explore some of the latest scientific literature in the field as well as emerging technologies being used in the industry. Moreover, it will enable me to perfect my skills in IT. This will allow me to contribute positively to the growth of the firm. It will also increase my competence in undertaking complex and diverse projects.

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